So it's summer time, but you know what doesn't take a break? Money matters!
So for the next few episodes we're going to talk about how to make it more FUN with the FAMILY and wait until you hear who's schooling us on how to get it done.
Charlotte Harris, real estate investor, planning expert is showing us how to work "smarter" so we can reach those goals - one by one.

2:00 Charlotte Introduction, "Why" & Purpose
4:00 Why It's Important to Tell Our Story
6:00 The Path (& Pitfalls to Purpose)
8:00 Intention & The Step-by-Step Approach
10:00 The Power of "Family" Goals
12:00 Power of Celebrating Our Wins
13:30 Writing or Tech? Try BOTH!
15:00 Flexibility & Being Ok With A "Different" Outcome
17:00 Flowing With Teams
18:30 Charlotte's 90-day System. Try it with us!
21:00 The Power Of The Mastermind (Group)
24:30 Show wrap-up Contact Charlotte to learn more about Phenomenal Women Mastermind Group or to join in with the 90-day planning
Charlotte Harris Contact Info: Email: [email protected]
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