What to focus on?

Is it time to pay off debts or put more into the business?

Buy or keep renting?

Make the switch over to investing?

Can you do more than one of these at a time?

These are the "make or break" decisions that can literally keep you broke if the timing isn't right or you've not adequately prepared for "next level."

These strategy sessions will not only give you the structure to clarify your thinking and goals, but we build in some "expert accountability" on the back end.

No More "Guesswork!"

1) The "checkups" we provide you will help you clarify your thinking about your goals and priorities before the session.

2) The session worksheets will give you a chance to document your thoughts into a structured reference tool for future use.

All consults include a FREE "14-day" money check-in so we can monitor progress and make sure you're making the progress you need.

Select A Money Strategy Option Below


30-Minute "Money Milestone" Session

Single Session

Short on time, but not ideas?

This session is all about the "big picture" and identifying the right priorities for where your money is now and what matters most to you.

(Technically, it's 25 minutes, because we take the last 5 minutes to share with you recommended next steps!)


90-Minute "Money Map" Session

Single Session

Why a money map session? Because this is our traditional office appointment where we find on average $500 per month extra you can start putting toward saving or investing.

We call it a "cash scan" and we scan six different areas of your money right now.

Plus, 90 minutes is plenty of time to come up with your 90-day action plan of how to use that extra money for transformation.

So this session takes away the guesswork of where to start and "where" to find the extra to start saving, investing or pay off debts.

Picture this hands-on "working session" where you're working on worksheets, and we're working on worksheets and at the end, we literally give you the answers of what's going on with your money, and where it needs to go next.

3 payments of $195/month

3-Month "Money Map" Intensive

3-Month Program ($50 savings on the first "money map" session alone)

Not only are you keeping that $50 in your savings account, but think of this as the "money map" session but on STEROIDS because we continue the work with 3-month money "intensive" with our team of expert advisors and experts after the money map taking a deep dive into getting you set up with

  • credit repair
  • tax planning
  • insurance premium overpayments
  • setting up your will & life insurance
  • financial planning and investments
  • and more

It's like the ONE-STOP shop for your money matters!


One-on-One Consult (1-hr)

1 time

If you just have questions and need answers, this session is for you.

(Although technically, it's 55 minutes, because we do take the last 5 minutes to share with you recommended next steps!)


(2) One-on-One Consults

2 sessions

If you've got questions and need answers and think you may want an extra follow-up one-on-one, save some money on the front end get our 2 session block.

(Although technically, each hour is only 55 minutes, because we do take the last 5 minutes to share with you recommended next steps!)

If you missed this and already purchased the 1hr and want the discount, just let us know within 14-days and we'll send you a coupon code for the upgrade.

Follow-up must be scheduled with 30 days of first session.


4-hr Retainer (Business or Done For You Service)

1 time

Sometimes we really don't know how much time we'll need, or maybe have a lot of areas we need an expert to tackle at once, or just give us us fresh start. I can relate!

  • Regular hourly consultation rates are $195 per hour.

  • 2hr bundles are $150 per hour

  • Retainer rates are $125 per hour

Retainers are also great if you want done-for-you services or need help with a specific project that will need more than one or two sessions. Need help with any of these?


  • monthly bookkeeping*
  • one on one training
  • accounting system cleanup or customization
  • other consult

If so, retainers are your "smart money" solution!

*Custom monthly quote for ongoing bookkeeping services will be provided after the first retainer.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon payment for your appointment, you'll receive further instructions by email on how to book a time.

Can I book a session more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of another appointment, simply make another purchase. Check with us first though, because a membership may be a better value.

Should I purchase Appointments or the Membership?

If you're just starting out in business, you may need more than just an appointment. You may need ongoing support. In that case you may find after an initial session or consult or even services, the membership may be just what you need.

Learn more about memberships here:

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

3-month programs may be eligible for early termination. If you are unsatisfied after a one-time only strategy session, reach out to us and we'll gladly discuss refund or more training alternatives with you.

As stated in our Terms of Use, Coaching IS NOT covered by our 30-day student refund policy.